Bringing Natural Light Systems to Homes and Businesses

Award winning designers and suppliers of daylight systems for every conceivable type of building. 

Our products distribute enhanced daylight to basements, extensions, listed buildings, schools and any underlit or windowless rooms within residential and commercial buildings. We work closely with homeowners, architects, developers and businesses to design efficient systems bringing additional daylight inside.

They are environmentally friendly, energy saving products that can be retro fitted or designed into new build buildings. Our natural light solutions can work individually or be combined depending on the project. We will also provide the relevant drawings for an architect, project manager or builder.

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We excel in designs that allow daylight, ventilation and views to the outside and the option for egress/escape. The daylight is maximized and projected to offer the greatest levels of illuminance that can be achieved given the room parameters and building design. The ventilation can be provided via a variety of techniques; as neat upstands, side vents, surface grilles in the frame or a bespoke scheme to suit your building.

Limitless Ltd Opening Covers can be designed to comply with fire safety standards for egress. They are strut assisted with a push-button for quick release and ease of egress. We have two types of Opening Covers; one is for emergency exit – fire and any other type of urgent escape. The other style is for entry; a cover that you might open frequently to access what is below, for example; wine, storage area, utility space etc.

If you have just completed an extension and find the ‘middle’ area is now dark and dramatically missing natural light our Light Shafts are specifically designed for this purpose. Light Shafts have a number of different configuration possibilities producing considerable levels of daylight that our clients have been very happy with.

Walk-On Glazing is proving increasingly popular, we offer both external and internal solutions. Load-bearing, laminated and toughened with optional anti-slip surface and any RAL colour powder coating to the frame to match existing house/building colours. We also design Ventilated Glass Floors providing a useful air-flow to the room below.

The value of Natural Light cannot be underestimated, sizable research reveals the constant need people have for daylight, assisting with mental health or just feeling better, work output and efficiency, contending with SAD and so much more.

National installation on all of our products.

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Limitless Ltd natural light systems add substantially more value to properties – our clients can confirm it.

Daylight Assessment Reports – we can provide reports that comply with BS8206: Code of Practice for Daylight that prove the amount of daylight delivered to your project.

Experts in Creating Brighter Spaces Using Natural Light

Whatever your project, we can bring daylight inside. Simply choose the type of building you are working on to discover which natural light systems match your needs.

What our Customers Say

Your guys are brilliant. Impeccably clean – you can’t even tell that they have been in and gone
Knowles, Chelsea
It is such a good product and service I am looking forward to putting another Light Shaft in as soon as we can afford it!
S.S. Clapham
The Light Shaft has made a material difference to the feeling in the kitchen, both from a natural light perspective and being able to see the sky.
S.S Clapham
The Light Shaft has made a material difference to the feeling in the kitchen, both from a natural light perspective and being able to see the sky.
S.S Clapham
The Limitless Light Shafts are delivering much more light down here than we expected. So much so that we are thinking about changing the use of this room.
D.S Central London
It adds more value than it costs.
Many of our customers
I was very pleased with the result. It was what I had expected all along.
E.H. Chelsea, London
As a business you have been very flexible, very helpful and very gracious.
D.B. Kensington, London
It is a work of art.
D.M Ewshot
We are completely over the moon with our Basement Light Shaft.
J.C Bristol
Your guys really knew what they were doing and got on and did a good job.
S. London W10
The daylight value on a murky day was higher in the basement with the Basement Light Shaft than they were at ground floor level.
P.T. Dorking
The planning committee had been worried about dingy basements. Having seen the basement with the three Basement Light Shafts their objections evaporated.
P.T. Dorking
The basement is transformed into a usable room, we are thrilled and so pleased. The kids are mesmerised by the Basement Light Shaft!
C.S. Brighton
It is just extraordinary, thank you so much.
S. Fulham, London
It’s tremendous. I’ll have to get out my sunglasses! We are very, very pleased, even on a dull day it makes a huge difference.
A.B. Bristol
Super helpful and gave fantastic service.
M. Smith London
We are very happy with the result. Of all the elements of our kitchen refurbishment, the Basement Light Shaft was by far the smoothest & most efficient process.
A.L. Ross-on-Wye
Thanks for everything. Your team has been professional and hard working throughout.
St-Tropez, France
I can tell you we are all very pleased with it.
M.G. Wimbledon
Once again I have to say how impressed I am with all of the products.
A.W. London
When my client first showed me your Basement Light Shaft demonstration van, to be honest, I was sceptical. Now that I have seen it installed it is truly amazing. I am now a convert, well done.
K.C. premium house builder, Henley-in-Arden
The kitchen is transformed, the quality of the light is beautiful. Every time I come out I automatically go to switch off the light! I’ll soon get used to not having to do that.
M.C. Huddersfield
They are absolutely magnificent and completely change the whole basement from a pleasant area to a light filled airy and thoroughly splendid room. I am so pleased.
S.S. Wimbledon
The Basement Light Shaft looks fantastic. Everybody we show it to is very impressed.
E.M. Clapham, London
It all went very smoothly, looks fantastic. Your guys are great.
S.T. Holland Park, London
The installation has gone well and all parties are very pleased with the result… which is a credit to you and your team.
Jersey Energy
The basement is the best feature of the house.
A.W London
Fantastic product and excellent service.
C.B. Hampshire
We are completely thrilled with the new pavement light. Your guys were such a pleasure to meet.  The neighbours have been impressed with their work.
J S - Brighton
The best money you can ever spend on your basement!
Wimbledon, London
The demonstration is something to be seen. The improvement in light levels is incomparable.
AD Oxford
We are really pleased with the results… the additional light has made a big difference to two very dark stairwells.
LH – East Cranmore
Absolutely delighted! What a huge difference and exceeded our expectations
GJ – Aberdeen
They are brilliant, we are very happy with them, thank you to you and your team
TW - Fovant

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