Whether you are planning a new-build basement or renovating an existing one it is good to have some pointers on what can assist in creating a ‘healthy’ below-ground environment.

  • Ventilation – basements can store odours from a variety of sources because fresh air circulation is more problematic below ground.  Windows that can open inwards and trickle vents in your light well covers offer a substantial fresh air factor.
  • Natural light – nowadays this is considered an essential factor.  Without natural light, it is difficult to have a basement that feels like part of your home; it can seem claustrophobic or even be uninviting.  Ensuring that there is plenty of natural light in each basement room provides a relaxing atmosphere and a connection to the outside environment. A good source of natural light will usually be a good source for ventilation. A real benefit from ensuring a quantity of natural light is designed into your new-build plans or renovation scheme would be making sure you have views to the outside, again that connection with the environment is important for well-being. As much glass (pedestrian load-bearing in single panels) as possible in your light well covers.
  • Decorate bright and airy – Interior design is always about personal taste, however the more light and bright colours you can bring into your basement the more those colours will ‘magnify’ the natural light and not absorb it.  Dulux has a soft white called ‘Timeless’ which seems to go with everything.
  • Taking time to balance all the above will certainly assist in improving your properties value considerably.  A well-designed basement with plenty of natural light can increase the value by up to seven times.

Would you know that these are ‘windowless’ rooms in basements?