Glass is slippery when wet, if there is any possibility of people walking in this area do use anti-slip to avoid potential accidents.  A frosted or etched surface is strongly advised.

The same requirement would be recommended if a Glass Floor, Light Well Cover or any pedestrian load-bearing glass surface was installed directly in front of any type of door or exit from a building.

Anti-slip or privacy etching should only decrease the amount of natural light filtering through it by 10%, not too significant at all.

The above types of anti-slip all consist of a stippled / etched pattern on a fully etched background and are suitable for use in external locations. Anti-slip rating: PTV Dry/ Wet

“An entirely sandblasted glass floor will achieve a PTV of around 50 in wet conditions.  A PTV of over 36 is classed as a slip-resistant surface so a sandblasted surface offers a good level of anti-slip.

Sandblasted glass offers a translucent finish to the glass surface. That means that you will still achieve high levels of light transmission (most sandblasted finishes only reduce the light transmission of the glass by 10%) but the glass will offer a ‘privacy’ finish, meaning that you do not see through a walk on glass unit.  A privacy finish in most instances is preferable as it will offer privacy to those using the space above and below the glass floor.” By a glass manufacturer.