Gyms are always a popular topic within many of our projects, for a number of years now clients have been keen to put them in their basements and not elsewhere in their homes.  Basements seem a great place for them.  A major concern is to always make sure they are adequately lit by natural light as well as conventional lighting.

Getting the light right creates a welcoming and comfortable place to exercise and if proper amounts of daylight are also introduced this can enhance a person’s sense of well-being and connection to the outside.

Finished Gym V2

By MF Editors

1. Do discuss with a trainer and/or equipment expert your individual needs and goals, as well as the space you have available. If you only have a small room in the basement you have to be realistic about what you can fit into your home gym. You want your space to be inviting and comfortable, not cramped.

2. Don’t buy super low-priced treadmills from discount stores, the only good thing about them is the return policy. Remember, something like a treadmill has to take a pounding every single day — it pays to buy quality.

3. Do buy a treadmill with 1.5 continuous horsepower and a good suspension system. All the bells, whistles, and extra programs don’t necessarily mean it’s a good machine. There’s a reason why you see so many low-quality machines for sale.

Finished Gym 2 V2

4. Do take the time to try out various types of equipment so you find what you enjoy using. If it’s not fun, you won’t use it for very long. Take advantage of trial periods at your local gyms. Go in for a day or two and use all the equipment. Be sure to take notes on the pieces of equipment that appeal to you.

5. Do hire a personal trainer to train you, at least in the beginning, and to set up a workout plan you know you can stick with. A pro will help you map out what works for you. Once they lay the foundation, the rest is up to you. This will also be your opportunity to pick their brain in terms of what equipment you should add to your personal gym.

6. Don’t buy used equipment without thoroughly checking it out. If it dies shortly after you get it, you’re stuck with an unwieldy and useless machine taking up valuable space. When you go to check out equipment bring along a friend who knows his way around a gym. Also, take advantage of consumer review sites to make sure you’re getting the best quality equipment possible.