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We are often asked about bringing more daylight into basements that are going to be converted into playrooms. Basements can provide the most stunning playrooms as they are often large, unobstructed spaces with a blank canvas for design and colour.

COLOUR: As children or teenagers will be involved the imagination tends to veer rightly towards fun, playful colours for children and more sophisticated, modern palettes for teenagers. From my experience I would highly recommend a bright white for all walls and ceilings and then bring the colour in with fabrics, pictures and rugs. The difference white walls and ceilings will make to the overall bright, welcoming and light-filled space will be dramatic. White will assist in ‘bringing’ the daylight further into the room by bouncing it off the ceilings and walls.


  • Children
  • Multi coloured bean bags
  • Rugs that are patterned as games ….
  • Large black board on a wall – or a wall designated for colouring and sticking what you want on it
  • A large tub of different size balls
  • Dressing up chest
  • Shelves that start at floor level
  • Measuring chart for how tall they are
  • Teenagers
  • Large multi coloured bean bags
  • A wall designated for their own art
  • An island with drawers underneath, bar stools around one side
  • A 60’s chair hung from the ceiling (or two)
  • Piano or any instruments
  • Map of the world



dark basement before Mirror Shaft allowed daylight in   Laitwood Road London transformed basement with daylight by installing a Mirror Shaft

My most frequently asked question – how to get plenty of daylight down into a basement so it is not gloomy and unhealthy. British Standards – BS8206: Code of Practice for Daylight state that basements used for living are required to have an Average Daylight Factor (ADF) of 1.5 minimum and bedrooms in basements an ADF of at least 1. This usually is easily achievable with our Mirror Shaft designed specifically for this purpose or a combination of our natural light products that can ‘borrow’ daylight from above and bring it below via Glass Floors or Light Shafts.




The Mirror Shafts can be configured to include a fire escape.