The BBC DIY SOS team contacted us to help resolve their natural light issue for a Big Build (actually the biggest residential project they have undertaken to date) in Kent.

The family, like all the families the BBC choose for this gift were thoroughly deserving, thoroughly wonderful, warm, caring family.  One of the children is severely handicapped and needed a very different living environment than the one he had, the rest of the family were finding it increasingly challenging to take care of his physical needs as well as keep themselves together.

The BBC design team did an outstanding job (as usual) with their build design, attention to detail, really thinking about ‘space’ and how best to benefit the needs of the family.

The existing end terrace house was dramatically altered with a wrap-around extension, rooms decorated to a high spec and  each made fit for purpose.

Due to this large extension it meant that the new kitchen and  wet-room would have no natural light.  This is where we came in; after being approached and invited by BBC DIY SOS crew to participate and donate two Limitless Light Shafts for the family we got to work – we had ten days before installation, our Light Shafts normally take up to eight weeks to produce.  Once installed the Light Shafts literally lit up the kitchen and wet room, achieving the tremendous levels of natural light we had anticipated they would including views to the sky which were beautiful.

Our suppliers came up trumps, everything was ready in time.  As we installed we were surrounded by many, many other crews of people adding their incredible parts.  It all came together for the big Reveal Day.  The family cried, the BBC crew cried and certainly we, the participants shed a happy tear to be able to walk away knowing a good job was done!

It was a pleasure to provide something so needed.


Limitless Ltd have been a part of a ‘Grand Design’ episode, a Sarah Beeny ‘Double Your House for Half the Money’ program and now a BBC production of ‘DIY SOS’ due to air 2015.