Well thought through basement concepts can provide so much more than just one item on your agenda.

Imagine an indoor swimming pool with a home café, providing healthy vegetable smoothies as well as a gourmet coffee mocha’s.

Include a very comfortable seating area and if you want to ‘get away from the buzz’ install a superb surround sound – sound system with exotic or local birds chirping in the background.  The sound of waves or rain with a large screen depicting what you are listening too.

Dance floor / Gym

Dance floors and gyms are still very popular and practical items to put in basements but pizazz them up with a juke box or jungle adventure challenges.

Swimming pools and MORE

Install a large screen at one end of the pool, enjoy movie nights whilst floating on Lilo’s.

Spa with indulgence and practicality

Basement spa’s are a divinely inspired idea, how about adding a hair and make-up station for practicality.  Bring in a trained Watsu therapist for a massage or put in luxury mani/pedi chair with inbuilt massage.

Wine cellar / library

Man or Woman Cave

What would you love to surround yourself with?  Art? Wine? Candles and aromatherapy? The options are endless but develop a scheme that you will never tire of.