Adding an extension has many benefits, the downside can be that suddenly an area in your home/office becomes dark, not filled with daylight.

Installing a Light Shaft will bring daylight into this space therefore making it feel integrated with the rest of the building.  A Light Shaft comes down and through a building directing the light to where it is needed most.

Light Shafts bring daylight to this otherwise very dark hallway

We can design Light Shafts to be vertical or inclined, whichever will best maximise the daylight and fit the buildings structure.


Light Shafts can deliver daylight to more than one room and can be configured to comply with British Standard BS8206 Part 2: Code of Practice for Daylighting.

Using Light Shafts rather than substantial light wells will save construction costs. They will increase space utilisation which can lead to enhanced property and rental values.

Natural light certainly improves the atmosphere in a room and greater use of daylight reduces energy costs.