With space at a premium in the United Kingdom, adding another storey above may not achievable or allowable due to planning restrictions.  A loft conversion can be a space a compromise – what you gain in space may be made awkward with head-height room.

Adding an extension will certainly offer more space but often results in an area in the new middle of the house becoming dark, lacking in natural light.  Daylight has to be thought through with planning this conversion as well;  our recommendation to solve this problem would be our https://www.limitless.uk.com/products/light-shaft/

If building up or out is not feasible the only other alternative, is to go down.  A basement can provide wonderful extra space; playrooms, office, gym, media room to name a few useful areas.  However, in order to make this new space a healthy place to live, work, play and enjoy – it must involve getting daylight and fresh air into it.

A major plus in creating a basement space filled with natural light is that it will increase your property value by 7%. 

A Basement Light Shaft is specifically designed to project large amounts of daylight far into a basement room as well as providing controllable fresh air and views to the outside https://www.limitless.uk.com/products/basement-light-shaft/ .  Do not under estimate the value of being able to look out from your basement and know whether it is a sunny day or if you will require an umbrella!  To watch birds fly by or see trees swaying in the wind – small but important natural joys.