Basements are great for more space; in recent years the desire to dig-down or renovate existing cellars has been huge business.  The extra expanse certainly improves the properties value as well as creating rooms for specific needs; for example – playrooms, media/entertainment areas, gyms, extra bedrooms, bathrooms and home offices.

These types of rooms are potentially ones we will spend a lot of time in, so they need to be as atmospherically enjoyable, healthy and welcoming as any other room in the building.  Incorporating good levels of natural light into these basement rooms is as important as anywhere else in your home/office that you live, play and work.

Basement bedroom BEFORE Light Shafts were installed

Basement bedroom AFTER Light Shafts were installed

‘Windowless’ Basement Kitchen

Home office

Basement Light Shaft benefits:

  • Fresh air – controllable
  • Views to the outside
  • Suitable for new-build and retro-fit
  • increased property value
  • Greatly enhanced daylight to basements
  • Compliant with BS8206 Code of Practice for Daylighting
  • Can be used up to three storeys deep
  • Configurable to provide an egress route
  • Full supply and installation service