With conventional light wells the daylight falls about 20 to 30% just inside of the room, closest to the light well.   With a Basement Light Shaft, the daylight will be increased up to 90 to 95% with far better distribution of that natural light into the places that you need it most, throughout the room.

Below are some great example pictures of Before installation of a Basement Light Shaft and After



   bright kitchen with Mirror Shaft 

The difference is dramatic, providing a brightly lit, welcoming room that is in harmony with the rest of your home/office.  We can install the Basement Light Shafts into existing light wells or any new build projects.  We can advice of the size of light well needed for the size of room which can cut down on build costs.

Basement Light Shafts provide outstanding amounts of daylight as well as ventilation, controllable fresh air and views to the outside.  How wonderful to be sitting in your basement and know if it is raining or a gorgeous sunny day!

We have a mobile unit that accurately demonstrates the effectiveness of our Basement Light Shaft, we can bring this to you so you can see for yourself what exceptional results this product achieves. Please contact us to arrange a demonstration – 0207 0997006.