1. “I’ve got a dark room; can you tell me whether it is possible to get natural light into this room?”

Answer: The brief answer to that question is yes, we will be able to.  We have several methods for getting daylight inside, the specific requirements of your project will determine which product/s we will recommend.

BEFORE Basement Light Shaft installed – Windowless Basement Kitchen

Mirror Shaft basement kitchenAFTER Basement Light Shaft installed

2. “Are you able to tell me how much natural light you will be able to provide in the room?”

Answer: Yes, we can tell you with a high degree of certainty just how much natural light we can deliver.

3.“I have just finished an extension, the middle of my house is now very dark, I would prefer natural light rather than just adding more light bulbs! Can you recommend anything?Light-Shaft-product-dark-hallway

Due to extensions these hallways had been very dark

Answer: Yes, our Light Shaft is designed for exactly this type of application.  We have successfully completed many similar projects.

4. “I live in an existing house (not a new build), will there be other building work that you do not do that will be required for your systems to be installed?”

Answer: In existing properties we find that some do require additional works for us to be able to install one of our systems.  We can provide advice on this and guidance as to what will be required.