Pondering how to add more natural light into a dark room or underlit area?  Glass Floors should be bought into the mix of considered solutions more frequently than they are.  They often offer the only answer to ‘difficult’ dark areas where other solution products cannot be utilised.

As a stand-alone product Glass Floors can transfer light between one storey and another whether internally or externally.  They are very versatile in ‘borrowing’ light from a window on one level and transferring it below.  Glass Floors as a combination product can partner with another type of natural light solution thereby a greater volume of natural light is transferred internally.

Glass Floors are designed and built with precision technology;

  • A multi-layered load-bearing glass cover housed within an integrated purpose-designed stainless steel frame
  • Thermally insulated providing outstanding levels of thermal insulation that surpasses current UK standards
  • Better acoustic performance
  • May be combined with other mirror-based products to further enhance light transmission efficiency
  • Floor level flush mounting system

There are a wide variety of options for the glass such as non-slip surface, privacy glazing, load bearing ability to drive a car over it, plus many more.

More light and better views; Brightly lit basement or other underlit room/area

  • Increased space utilisation
  • Connection with the external environment
  • Load-bearing glazing
  • Thermally insulated

Glass Floor exterior           Heliobus Glass Floor

Glass Floor thickness

Extra white glass; Inclusion of extra white glass yields true colour daylight through the Glass Floor.  Thicker, standard float glass can impact the spectrum of light that is delivered.