Home offices are becoming an essential and integral part of a home these days. Whether created within a spare bedroom, utilising basement space or adding an extension in order to be able to incorporate one – the provision of good quality and quantity of natural light is crucial.

It has been proven that natural light improves levels of concentration and learning and that an increased sense of wellbeing can all be attributed to being exposed to daylight for more hours in the day than if not.

If the only space you have for a desk is a cupboard under the stairs or a large area in a basement you can still design a natural light solution to achieve light levels that will make all the difference.

Below is an office in a basement flooded with natural light via the Basement Light Shaft, which also can provide fresh air and views to the outside. This is not only making the space practical and useable but also a room where you would like to sit and work, it is not dark and gloomy.

Pretty Basement Office - London

This space will become a large home office. It is also in the basement and the levels of natural light achieved will make this room bright and airy.


Maximizing space above a staircase can be a brilliant idea however it tends to leave the area below it (in this case an entrance hall) much darker. You could add a Walk-On Glass Rooflight for example, which would provide both spaces with a lot more natural light.

Builders working on hallway renovation

Making sure that any room has good levels of natural light will also help sell your property and will also raise your property’s value.