There are many simple improvements to immediately increase the value of your property and then there are the more costly improvements but costs which gain much greater benefits and profits if you ever wish to sell.


  •  Paint your front door – if in London glossy black is always considered classic, dove grey or charcoal grey can be very smart, dark maroon apparently gives ‘welcome’ signals. Consider a colour that is in keeping with the period of your house.

Black front door               Dove Grey Front door
Charcoal Front door               Maroon Front Door

  • Make sure the pathway and general entrance to and through your front door is clean and neat.
  • Well-trimmed hedges, weedless and recently swept paths.
  • Try adding two matching plants or shrubs in complementary pots to the style of your house, placed on either side of your front.

Tall trees Front door              Plant pots front door

  • Clean windows


Beyond the simple projects that most of us can do for ourselves you would probably need to engage professionals such as architects, builders and basement specialists for work such as extensions, lofts, conservatories and basements. These will add maximum value to your property.

These extra rooms will need to be properly lit so they do not end up dark and gloomy, a dark space is very difficult to live in and/or sell. Creating extra space is a great property value booster but not at the cost of light – no one will want a gloomy room.

Point #3 from “20 Ways to add value to your home”, by Phil Spencer – Co-host of Channel 4’s ‘Location, Location, Location’ was to add a basement “…..the real value lies in increasing your living space.”

A basement that meets the British Standard – Code of Practice for Daylighting is worth three times per square meter compared with one that does not.

    Before Laitwood Rd 3                 After Laitwood Road 3

Basement – before Mirror Shaft                                           Basement – after Mirror Shaft

The Mirror Shaft is the only product currently in the UK market that can meet this Code of Practice for Daylighting.

Case Study – Basement Kitchen Transformation, London

Before Koptic St 2    During Koptic Street 2    Koptic Street 3