We know we love natural light, bask in it, even talk about it…. ok maybe a little too much on occasion but the point is we LOVE it. And it seems it is not just us that love natural light: 63% of people asked by the Royal Institute of British Architecture (RIBA) “rated natural light as the most important aspect of a home”. http://www.withoutspaceandlight.com/#!without-light

The point is that most of us love the idea of reading a book in a comfy chair with sunlight streaming on us and not having to turn on any electric lights. Can we go further than just day dreaming about this becoming a reality at home and/or at work?

What IF we work or live where natural light has a hard time getting to us – like in lower ground floors and basements or in the centre of a building, windowless offices and rooms?

What happens if you live in one of the UK’s ‘shoe box homes’ which are increasingly common? New build UK homes are the smallest in Western Europe.

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Image credit: Without Light and Space: http://www.withoutspaceandlight.com/#!without-space

If people are cutting down on space then the need for more light becomes even more important. After all, we all know how much bigger a space looks when filled with natural light!  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-14916580

The end conclusion? Let’s get to the stage when we’re all basking in natural light. Sooner rather than later.