Dark Kitchens

We have completed quite a few residential projects recently where the kitchen is either in the basement or built into a new extension. In each scenario the kitchen has been greatly lacking in natural light.

Basement kitchens are of course dark by nature, many have light wells that provide some daylight but hardly any light gets beyond 25% to 30% from the window. The rest of the room needs alternative lighting on at all times, even during daylight hours.

Before and after our natural light solution was added.

BEFORE--dark-basement-kitchen  AFTER-COUNTRY-KITCHEN-Basement-light-solutions

We have come across attempts to maximize the daylight coming through the light well by either replacing the window for French doors or moving the back wall of the light well out further from the kitchen window. In both cases the majority of the daylight gained falls directly into the light well itself, very little is added to the amount of daylight coming into the kitchen area.


BEFORE a new kitchen was installed in this London basement. The light well is at the far end of the brick wall, above the fireplace surround.


AFTER this gorgeous new kitchen was installed with our natural light solution, note how far the daylight is projected into the room.



In the case of kitchens in extensions, the whole ‘middle’ area tends to be very dark due to the extension having windows only on the farthest walls. Getting natural light into the ‘middle’ can seem impossible but with a little Limitless magic…….


This kitchen was going to be very dark but now it enjoys plenty of sunshine pouring through luminaires in the ceiling.



As we know the kitchen is a busy place, whether families constantly congregate in it, friend’s party or just hang-out in it, or just a peaceful cup of tea in it; so many uses and attraction for people to live, work and play in a kitchen. Therefore this space should be inviting, healthy and encourage people to want to remain in it.

By adding one or more of our natural light solutions daylight can be projected far into your kitchen often making it un-necessary to turn on any other conventional lighting. It becomes a room where the sun shines in and you are bathed in daylight even if your kitchen table is placed farthest from the window.


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