Increasing Light and Ventilation in Your Home

A breath of fresh air is a simple pleasure we all appreciate – and there is no reason why we should not be able to enjoy free-flowing air indoors too.

Indoor air quality can affect how we feel and how we work. The benefits of having good levels of air in homes and offices include better health, increased concentration, improved pleasant aromas, not to mention it makes us feel great! On more pragmatic levels, fresh air ventilation helps to prevent incidences of mildew and damp, so houses stay fresh and their inhabitants are happier.


It is important to let hot air escape from rooms and if there is a window, most of us would open it to let air circulate. However, if the room in question is windowless or belowground a different solution is needed. So, when designing rooms within buildings, especially core spaces, basements and windowless areas, ensuring there is good fresh air ventilation is equally as important as high levels of natural light. To provide solutions for dark rooms and stuffy spaces, many Limitless Ltd natural light solutions can be made to include ventilation systems, which meet the recognised requirements for background ventilation. Our unique Light Shafts and innovative Glass Floor solutions can both be made with ventilation systems fitted.

Ventilation through our products can be passive or mechanical, controllable or free-flow and because each project is different, every time we design and build a product it is created to fit the desired requirements.

Workplace Ventilation

We recently fitted our natural light solutions in the SEN Priory School in Croydon, with Top Covers that provided much needed ventilation to their classrooms. These Top Covers were fitted on the roof of the main building and brought natural light to the rooms below, as well as fresh air into classrooms on the ground floor.


Imagine how much more enjoyable it must be for the students at the school to learn in light, fresh classrooms like these!

Classroom-with-Light-Shaft-and-ventilation       Classroom-Croydon-Light-Shaft-with-Ventilation

Basement Ventilation

From a residential perspective, ventilation systems are ideal for basement conversions. The level of natural light and air circulation in basements is usually minimal or nonexistent, which is why homeowners and developers come to us to fit multifunctional systems. A Walk-on Glass roof light with controllable ventilation built in provides much needed fresh air to rooms below.


To discuss the possibilities of incorporating ventilation solutions with our natural light systems please contact us. A light, airy home is a more comfortable place to live in and will increase the value of your property too!