Daylight . Fresh Air . Views

The Basement Light Shaft is suitable for both new-build and retrospective-fit projects. This natural light system delivers a tremendous amount of daylight, fresh air ventilation and views to the external environment.

Our designs can accommodate a basement that is up to three storeys deep. All Basements Light Shafts can be fitted with controllable and configurable ventilation, which means spaces below ground benefit from fresh air as well as natural light.

Our Basement Light Shaft provides external views from within a ‘windowless’ room. We create a project specific design for each build and development.

We offer a free design and quotation service as well as providing full supply and installation by our Limitless team.  The Limitless Basement Light Shafts are designed for use in private properties both residential and commercial.  They are not designed to be used on public highways and pavements, however, there are many situations close to these areas where they can be used, we can advise you on this.

Daylight Assessment Reports – we can prove the amount of daylight our Basement Light Shaft can deliver to your project with our reports, which comply with the BS8206: Code of Practice for Daylight.

 Please feel free to get in touch if you require further information.