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An Opening Light Well Cover can easily replace a light well grille or any aperture that sits above your light well. Our Opening Light Well Covers are designed with assisted struts and a push-button. The push-button sits under the glass, when pushed the glass cover opens efficiently to allow an egress route from the basement through the light well to ground level above.

We can configure these Opening Covers to comply with the requirements for emergency escape or for general access.

An integrated ladder can be added behind this structure to make an exit even easier.

Limitless Ltd have designed and installed many of these Opening Light Well Covers both ventilated and non-ventilated depending on the client’s choice and overall project picture.

Our covers look smart and can sit flush to the ground level. They can be designed with ventilation grilles on the top or sides of the unit and can also accommodate a mirror module underneath the glass cover that will enhance the daylight coming into the basement room.

Opening Light Well Cover options:
• Stainless steel cover frame with brushed finish
• Laminated Cover fully compliant with European standards for pedestrian load bearing
• Cover frame with ventilation grille
• Stainless steel mounting frame
• Optional anti-slip treatment to the glazing surface

Replacing an existing light well grille with a glazed cover (with or without it opening) will improve the quality of light reaching the basement window. Adding a mirror module to this arrangement will substantially enhance the daylight distribution in the basement – a winning combination!