Parans Solar Collector

All the best ideas are based on a simple principle, this diagram demonstrates that Parans is no different in that respect.

Just like a sunflower the Parans solar collector actively tracks and remembers the path of the sun. The SP4 collector can rotate through 360 degrees in one plane and 180 degrees in the other. This allows it to collect all available direct sunlight from sunrise to sunset. It memorises the path of the sun for any given location anywhere in the world and will automatically adjust on a daily basis to reflect the changing solar path.

The collected sunlight is fed into the building via fibre optic cables housed in a 50mm diameter flexible conduit, the polymer fibre optics within these cables are highly flexible with a minimum bend radius of 100mm.

The sunlight floods into the room via a choice of luminaires. The UV and IR elements of the spectrum are filtered out.

A complete, individual Parans system is comprised of the external solar collector, six fibre optic cables up to 60 meters long and luminaires inside the building.