Glass Floors transfer light between one storey and another whether internally or externally. They provide the facility to ‘borrow’ light from one room and deliver it to another.

All Limitless Walk-On Glazing products are designed with load-bearing safety glass, laminated and toughened. There are a wide variety of options available such as a floor level flush mounting system, a thermally insulated option as well as frosted glass or a number of anti-slip finish choices.

This product can be designed as a walk-on ‘roof-light’ both internally and externally. They are an effective and efficient way of improving light distribution as well as increasing space utilisation and can provide a great way to connect to the external environment.

Glass Floors may be combined with other Limitless products to further enhance light transmission efficiency.  The Limitless Walk-On Glazed panels are designed for use in private properties both residential and commercial.  They are not designed to be used on public highways and pavements, however, there are many situations close to these areas where they can be used, we can advise you on this.

Internal Glass Floors

External Glass Floors