Parans – a sunlight system using flexible fibre optic cables brings sunshine indoors.

The effect of seeing a room filled with bright sunshine is remarkable, a sunny room is something we always appreciate and enjoy as well as the energy savings sunshine can provide.

'Windowless' Kitchen   Kitchen & Dining Room

The Parans sunlight system is a very clever natural light solution.  Utilising a specialised solar collector on the roof or façade of a building it actively tracks the sun so it is ready, in position to pick up the first rays and transmit them indoors.

Parans SP3

The Fresnel lenses focus on the sunlight and bring it down through the cables which are attached to the solar collector.  The sunshine pours out through luminaires. There are a variety of luminaires to choose from.

Basement Media Room

The six flexible cables can run from five to twenty meters.


It is full visible spectrum sunlight with the UV and infrared rays filtered out

There is minimal impact on the fabric of the building

The Parans system is suitable for new builds as well as perfect for retrospective installation

The system has a minimal external footprint

An installed system can enhance space utilisation as well as improving a property’s value

The system is energy saving

Sunlight in Every Room

Natural light – it’s good for you and doesn’t cost the earth.