Do not be put off converting a basement into a lovely, habitable area there are many skilled, efficient, professional full-service companies that are available.

One such company is Think Basement –  they have written a fantastic blog clearly outlining the process to renovate a basement, the questions you should ask as well as all the FAQ’s some of which you may not have thought of yet:

Think Basement LogoOnce your renovation has been thought through and planned carefully another key consideration for putting a habitable room in a basement is will the new room/s pass the Code of Practice for Daylighting?

The Code of Practice for Daylighting states that a kitchen requires an ADF (Average Daylight Factor – The standard criteria used for analysing daylight illumination in rooms) of 2.00, living rooms 1.50   and a bedroom 1.00

If you are uncertain as to if your current plans will pass this Code, or if your plans have already been rejected due to a lack of daylight you can request the preparation of a Daylight Assessment Report to ensure the plans you submit or re-submit will be passed on this criteria.

The importance of having ample natural light within your basement cannot be stressed enough; many health studies reveal this importance as related to all aspects of health and wellbeing as well as the credible benefit of substantially improving the value of your basement.

Basement Before Aug Blog          Basement After Aug Blog

Basement before Mirror Shaft                                                  Basement with Mirror Shaft

Because of the position of the UK on the planet, light falls at an incident angle of roughly 65 degrees, this changes through the day and the seasons.  Light enters a building through windows, the size and location of the window clearly impacts how much light is distributed within any given room.

Basements do not have windows, the Mirror Shaft system from Limitless Ltd has been very cleverly designed to distribute good levels of daylight illumination within basement rooms.  The Mirror Shaft is the only product currently that meets all the criteria for the Code of Practice for Daylighting.

The Mirror Shaft brings a tremendous amount of daylight far into a room as well as providing ventilation and views to the outside.

If you are going to be using either the Mirror Shaft or Light Shaft system Limitless Ltd can provide a specialised Daylight Assessment Report to submit with your plans to your local authority.  This report will show exactly what these products will achieve and how they will meet or usually exceed the standard for the Code of Practice for Daylighting.

DO use a skilled, knowledgeable company who primarily creates basements as their main business; call Think Basement to talk through any issues you think you may have.

DO plan for plenty of natural light – large windows or French doors in a basement light well will not usually help bring in more daylight. Your light well will certainly be brighter but the impact on your room in the basement will not increase daylight levels to habitable room standards.