Under building regulations there are two main types of ventilation:

  1. Background ventilation – this is the level of ventilation needed to keep the air within a room turning over regularly to enable to area to stay fresh.
  2. Purge ventilation – this is a level of ventilation required to quickly dispel unpleasant smells and odours; for example cooking.

Limitless designed products can supply ventilation for both Background and Purge ventilation.

In ground floor and first floor areas these types of ventilation are simple to achieve due to the number of external doors and windows.  However, in a basement it is harder to achieve good ventilation.  The key word is ‘flow’, both in and out of the space.

Ventilated Light Well Cover

After Basement Light Shaft has been installed into deep plan sitting room

This basement area is where the Limitless Daylight Systems are very well suited.

Poor ventilation results in damp, musty smells and condensation.