Glass is a great conveyor of light, using glass as a roof or as a floor works very well for underlit rooms or areas where there is little or no natural light.

Glass Floor from below 2 182BHR

A glass roof light and a glass floor has been combined to maximise the natural light in this house.

Whether interior floors or exterior roof lights the result can be stunning and the additional light achieved tremendous.  The added value to your property can also be sizeable.

Drummond external glass roof light

External Roof Light provides plenty of natural light for the gym beneath it.

Basement gym

Glass floors have come a long way, there all types, shapes and options.

Glass dance floor

Glass dance floor in a private night club.

Glass is versatile; it can be specified to withstand a lot of weight, it can be cut to all sizes and odd shapes and it has the ability to enhance a home or office.  The finished result is sleek, smart and ‘light’ in appearance.