There are many attractive options on the market to include a wine storage area in your basement, under a room such as a kitchen or study or within a cellar itself.

The amount of space a wine ‘room’ may absorb is a varied as the wine itself; from a small spiral storage area to a large walk-in chamber.  

There are various accessories that can be included but a feature to not cut costs on is how to access your wine.  

The following points may be helpful to consider:

  • By what method do you enter and exit this area?
  • Ease of use; opening door or sliding facility or other – any of these need to have a safe, smooth and efficient mechanism.
  • Load bearing capacity of the top surface – is it built to pedestrian load bearing Standards?
  • Is it aesthetically pleasing to look at?
  • Is it child-proof?  Is the opening mechanism out of reach for small children and is the cover heavy enough that a child cannot open it by themselves?