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Experts in natural light solutions.

Our bespoke systems bring a tremendous amount of daylight into residential and commercial buildings.

Basements, extensions, windowless areas, homes, schools, offices and much more.

Environment friendly energy saving products that can be retro fitted or designed into new build buildings or basements.

Our innovative systems are designed to optimise space, increase property value and can be perfect answers for people who live and work in areas that have no natural light.

We will recommend the best natural light solution and offer a system design based on your requirements for no charge. Installation of all our natural light products is undertaken by our own specialist teams. We can provide the relevant drawings for your architect, project manager or builder.

Daylight Assessment – we can provide reports that comply with BS8206: Code of Practice for Daylight that prove the amount of daylight delivered to your project.

Limitless Ltd has a mobile unit that effectively demonstrates the exceptional results our products provide. We would welcome the opportunity to demonstrate these to you at a time and place of your choosing. Please contact us to arrange a demonstration.

Natural Light Solutions

Basement Kitchen - Mirror Shaft

The installation of Limitless Ltd natural light systems adds substantially more value to a property – our clients can confirm it.

Basement Kitchen with Mirror Shaft

Healthy Natural Light

Not only do our light systems brighten up dark interiors, the addition of more natural light in living and work spaces is important for wellbeing too.

Natural light in Basement Hampshire

Innovative Technology

Bringing natural light into homes and commercial properties is a science. Our systems are eco friendly, cost effective and enlightening.

Basement Living Room Lighting

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Our products are tailored to each project and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

What our Customers Say

The Light Shaft has made a material difference to the feeling in the kitchen, both from a natural light perspective and being able to see the sky.

S.S Clapham